Call 888-404-3922 if you see a turtle or hatchlings that need help!

We share our beaches with endangered sea turtles!

Please Leave No Trace

Franklin County’s “Leave No Trace” Ordinance is enforced each year from May 1 to Oct 31 on all Franklin County beaches. Personal items such as tents, chairs, toys, umbrellas and coolers must be removed from the public beaches between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. All unattended items may be removed and destroyed.


The beaches of Franklin County are important turtle nesting sites. Each summer, threatened marine turtles migrate to our beaches to nest. Holes dug on the beach and furniture left overnight can disorient and trap turtle hatchings, and can hinder the females from coming ashore to lay their eggs. Please remove your belongings and fill in any holes prior to leaving the beach.


We need your help! Between May 1 and October 31, please remember that nesting sea turtles need darkness for nesting and hatching. Do not shine bright lights on the beach or boardwalks.


The outdoor Lighting on our homes have amber bulbs. Please turn off when not in use. Our indoor windows have a special “turtle tint”. However, it is a good idea to turn off lights when not in use.

Help Protect the Sea Turtles

Our beaches are an important nesting area for endangered sea turtles. Sharing the beach with sea turtles is a great privilege but we must take some measures to protect the turtles.


During turtle nesting/hatching season (May1-Nov 1) please take note of what you can do to help:

  • Artificial lighting can cause sea turtle hatchlings to die by straying away from the safety of the gulf. We have orange lights in out outdoor lights to help reduce the brightness. It is still important to be extra careful to keep exterior lights out, as much as possible. Also close the window treatments when interior lights are on.
  • Take in any beach furniture (tents, chairs, etc.) from the beach at night.
  • Take note that bonfires and fireworks are not allowed on our beaches.
  • Limit the use of flashlights on the beach.


By using these simple measures you can help save these sea turtles from extinction.

Sea Turtle Monitoring at Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (ANNER)


Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (ANERR) monitors 9 miles on Little St. George Island and 7 miles of mainland between Eastpoint and Carrabelle, and a part-time staff member, hired by ANERR to coordinate and organize volunteers, monitors 11 miles of St. George Island outside of the state park. ANNER is dedicated to the protection and restoration of sea turtle nesting habitat in Franklin County. 

If you would like to learn more or donate (We adopt nests each year!) go to https://www.apalachicolareserve.com/


If you see sea turtle hatchlings or turtles in distress call  FWC at 1-888-404-3922!

Thanks and enjoy your stay at the uncommon Florida